70159 Boys

(part 1/3)

1. Double Bass Player

Well, nothing really new. Making him black does add some variety.

A shame about the arms - rolled sleeves are not very useful for more ancient/fantasy themes, and it would be great to have pearly arms with this skin color too.

It's nice to have more of these.. A fellow playmofriend corrected me. I had originally called him a "Cello Player", but was wrong. It's a double bass.

2. Poker Player

A nice idea, a good recent klicky!

The arms are AMAZING .. Was planning on just keeping one, but like this... well.

The jacket is also printed.

I do believe the overall effect may be a bit... loud.

It's a shame that the torso is not printed in the back as well (I know, 99.99% are not).

What's with the cards? B = Bube (or Bauer, from what I read... weird )

The cards came bagged - different bags were used, as usual... AND with a rubber band!

3. Alpine Man

A nice looking klicky, though nothing really original - they show up every once in a while, right?

Though this one, with caveman hair and santa beard in grey is nicer than most

Oh, the hat in brown is nice too

Under the beard there is a beautiful shirt print.. that beard is so gone!

4. Winged Weirdo

Well... No idea. But I like him.

The pattern is a perfect match to the old dragon knights. Lord Sooks will be pleased. Weird heads are always welcome. It's a bit odd to have the little waves on the hat...

As to the arms.. Fritz Tomé strikes again - GREEN hands!? Well, nice for aliens, and nothing that can't be easily fixed from the poptubs.. but seriously?!

All the wings were like this:

Queen Tahra, August 2019

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