First, the mandatory disclaimer:
I've been told I am sometimes harsh on my comments. Keep in mind I LOVE playmobil. It is GREAT. Without a doubt and by FAR, the GREATEST toy on the Universe. And also keep in mind that I've gotten a box (or two) of each boys and girls since the first series (well, one mixed this time!) - meaning, despite all the "problems" I point out, they are VERY MUCH WORTH IT. We ALL know playmobil rules, so I suppose I tend to point out the problems. There are only so many ways of saying AWESOME, right?

From the first pics, the highlights were the viking and warrior on the boys.

This time there are different displays, mixed.... with several quantities... A wonderful idea.

Again there is mention of the app on the box. The back is really nice:

The packs:

Papers are again the dreadful ones. All blue. Tiny pics, further ruined with the outlines to show the parts for the freaks (like that is not so obvious). Again the important info is split, with the figures on one side and the series info on the other... and the ridiculous "5-10" is still present.

Oddities - one of the Chemist things appears to belong to the Engineer. Took me a while to realize it did not . And I don't really like the way the mermaid is holding that seahorse!

Like last time, there are codes to use on the app.

The app was updated...

Warning: App content WILL be revealed. Just sayin'.

With that in mind, app comments here: Fi¿ures App


The series.. No diapers or fat/pregnant, one speedo in the boys (hey, the head is compatible! ) and seven (SEVEN!!!) in the girls (same as last series for the girls... ). Lots of different skincolors - which is good for variety, not so good for compatibility - but we'll get there!

This time, no rubberbands... or extra bags, actually!

Extras - the highlight is the white chainmail (didn't get the almost-mandatory extra frame! )

As usual, there were problems. One of Cleopatra's arms is not a female speedo arm (is this a good place? The fact that gendered speedo arms are a thing is VERY annoying. Nope, not over it ) And the Engineer brought Guitar Player leaflets. So, he was missing from the app, had to "buy" a bunch of figures to get him.

Well, you know how it works: follow all the pages to see everything, or use these shortcuts for a specific figure:


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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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