There are those who believe
that life here began out there,
far across the universe
with tribes of humans
who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians
or the Toltecs
or the Mayans.

Some believe there may yet be brothers of man
who even now fight to survive
somewhere beyond the heavens!

Just so there are no doubts, this refers to the real Battlestar Galactica not that messed up bloated felgercarb they came up with more recently!

This is probably my first favorite show. Despite its shortcomings by today's standards, it definetely still holds a place in my heart, and the credits music can uplift me just about anytime (the tech whistling that tune was probably the best moment of the "remake").

Anyways, here some pics of the cast...

Left to right: Jolly (Tony Swartz), Boomer (Herbert Jefferson Jr), Sheba (Anne Lockhart), Commander Adama (Lorne Greene),
Athena (Maren Jensen), Apollo (Richard Hatch), Cassiopeia (Laurette Spang), Starbuck (Dirk Benedict)

Colonel Tigh (Terry Carter) with Commander Adama

Serina (Jane Seymour) with Apollo

Boxey (Noah Hathaway), meeting Muffit II

There has been a colonial warrior in the works for... have no idea. But nothing ever came of it...

I actively started to pursue it again some years ago, and this time, we figured what to do from mostly existing parts...

After figuring which legs to use, we initially decided to do at least Apollo and Starbuck (DUH!)..

Starbuck and Apollo

And maybe Boomer.... since those were the legs we had. But when buying the matching torsos we figured it was better to get extras - and a female as well, since there's also Sheba (and, after her, Jolly).

The warriors: Boomer, Starbuck, Apollo, Sheba and Jolly

Main problems for the warriors (besides the parts!) were the guns/holsters. I had initially planned to use the space guns, with zipties to hold them, but besides that part revealing itself more complicated than I expected (there is less room than I thought under the darn vest!), the guns looked ridiculously huge on their sides. So, decided to go for simple modern pistols.

It was then decided to add Adama, Tigh and Athena - those dark blue parts are just the perfect shade.

Bridge: Athena, Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh

And then Cassiopeia - gave up doing her with skirts

Starbuck and Cassiopeia

And the triangle: Athena, Starbuck and Cassie

Commander Adama with his children: Apollo and Athena

Finding male/female torsos and different skincolors for each "set" did not make it easy at ALL.

As to the belts, a fellow playmofriend provided them - thank you master Cheng!

As a last addition, Serina and Boxey, with a non-playmo Muffit.

Apollo with Serina, Boxey and Muffit II

Serina and Boxey are not as specific, hence harder to make, in a way. I thought she should be in blue, but not that "summery"... Regarding Boxey, figured the detail to go for would be that small vest and Apollo's insignia (he distributed them along the series)...

Apollo gives Boxey his insignia

Muffit is beyond my skill, so I looked for one with a close enough size...

Boxey and Muffit

I believe the only ones missing now would be Cylons, and possibly Lucifer. But those are not doable without custom heads, so.. unlikely. Very unlikely.

Fleeing from the Cylon Tyranny, the last battlestar Galactica leads a ragtag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest...
a shining planet known as Earth.

Queen Tahra, December 2017

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