Maura Kathleen  - 02-10-2016 23:13:54
Location/Country:  United States
Favorite Theme:  Princess
Love the Dioramas, can't wait to revisit this site and see what else you all have done!

Brett O'Rear  - 01-01-2012 21:01:39
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  Western
I love your website! I found your link off of Playmofriends. Take a look at the link. It's for a stop-motion movie I have been working on. Enjoy!

cheng  - 14-12-2011 23:21:18
Location/Country:  kuala lumpur
Favorite Theme:  Japanese & Chinese (future releases)
Dear Tahra, I've never looked into your still beautiful site....I loved the photos of those production errors and now will appreciate them more!

Danica Moon  - 19-11-2011 18:25:26
Location/Country:  Lexington
Favorite Theme:  knights/city/police/specials
Playmobil is awesomely awesome.

rms008 ryan  - 02-10-2011 02:26:24
Location/Country:  malta
Favorite Theme:  fire and rescue
loved the webiste and great library keep it up

Gustavo  - 13-07-2011 12:35:05
Location/Country:  Rio/Brasil
Favorite Theme:  Knights
I guess I never signed in PlayKingdoms ... I should. Like it here a lot! Cheers! #wave blackhair Gus

Emile van der vos  - 16-02-2011 07:15:55
Location/Country:  Nederlands
Favorite Theme:  Firefighters
This is a very good collection based site.

MG73.TUNING  - 12-02-2011 01:18:34
Location/Country:  FRENCH - FRANCE
Favorite Theme:  SMAL CARS
Pour voir les Premiers Playmobil(e)s articulés aux genoux et aux coudes : First to see Playmobil (s) articulated knees and elbows: MG73.TUNING

Fuegon  - 29-01-2011 08:26:43;u=3245
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  City
I love your page, the special Klickys are spectacular

mathilde  - 14-12-2010 13:51:35
Favorite Theme:  shcool
that site is very good

miles wall  - 10-12-2010 15:09:18
Location/Country:  Bethlehem,PA 18018 USA
Favorite Theme:  KNIGHTS!!!!!!
Hello, I'm a huge playmobil fan and I LOVE the knights theme. i also really love the viking, pirates,and jungle themes, and if you know where to buy older, discontinued sets it would be very nice if you could inform me by e-mail.

tony  - 05-09-2010 13:03:06
Favorite Theme:  fire and rescue
I love the fire theme!

Steph  - 02-08-2010 10:47:43
Location/Country:  Canada
Favorite Theme:  Pirates
Love the site! I played with Playmobil when I was a little girl and loved it. I just wanted to let you know that I discovered a great site where you can purchase Playmbobil pieces and parts individually to complete your set or to use to customize. The store is called Ron's Rescued Treasures. Keep up the good work!

Dylan V.  - 20-12-2009 11:59:03
Location/Country:  British Columbia, Canada
Favorite Theme:  knights, pirates, vikings
Nice website you got here, I use playmobil mostly for collecting and making stopmotions. You have a much bigger collection then me! *ENVY*

Andy  - 07-11-2009 08:49:57
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  Space
The new online Portuguese forum for Playmobil Fans ! :)

Kim  - 06-11-2009 15:51:06
Location/Country:  Chicago, IL
Favorite Theme:  safari
I have been collecting Playmobil since my first set in 1978. This site is FANtastic. I was thinking of trying to have a North American collectors convention in Chicago. Do you think there is enough people to make it happen? Just wondering. Keep up the great work.

toyclick  - 01-10-2009 01:46:45
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  Castle
hello playmo-adict. My name is Toyclick and I Webmaster to new for of playmobil in Spain.

George  - 26-05-2009 08:18:12
Location/Country:  England
Favorite Theme:  Airport and Doctors
This website is amazing! very usefull and cool!

miles  - 29-03-2009 17:18:23
Location/Country:  usa
Favorite Theme:  knights/pirates/vikings/romans
i love the site, especially the museum.i am the webmaster of playmoworld,where playmobil run free and unchallenged!!!!!!

miles wall  - 29-03-2009 17:11:03
Location/Country:  usa
Favorite Theme:  knights/pirates/vikings/romans
i mostly collect knights, but i occasionally collect other site.i especially like the museum

Gayle Sanders  - 08-09-2008 21:10:33
Location/Country:  New York/USA
Favorite Theme:  Safari and Circus

MBC  - 30-07-2008 22:14:54
Location/Country:  Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Theme:  Knights and Romans
Thank you for all your hard work in sharing your love of Playmobil with us. My klicky wishes include a Japanese samurai theme and an ancient Egyptian theme.

opal  - 18-04-2008 16:13:30
Location/Country:  nottingham
Favorite Theme:  wedding

brian  - 18-04-2008 16:11:20
Location/Country:  nottingham
Favorite Theme:  Animal Clinic
dear brian i want playmobil

Young-Hee,Kim  - 09-04-2008 08:59:32
Location/Country:  KOREA
Favorite Theme:  Victorian/Citylife

elftherios  - 24-03-2008 00:57:27
Location/Country:  Greece
Favorite Theme:  Pirates
I am 32 and since i remeber my self, i had playmobils. Although i do no play anymore, i collect them and i love them. It is sure that i will learn my two kids to love playmo's too. Bye!

Norbi  - 27-02-2008 17:13:33
Location/Country:  Hungary
Favorite Theme:  knights/vikings/pirates
Congratulations!It was very nice to see and read the page-especially the medieval town, which is REALLY fantastique!

Ana  - 19-02-2008 15:25:53
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  Animals
amazing page, thanks!!

Alexis  - 02-10-2007 00:22:08
Location/Country:  uk
Favorite Theme:  victorian
Ive got 386 playmobile figures now and counting. A friend sent me a link to this site.

pierre  - 30-05-2007 15:36:56
Location/Country:  france - lille
Favorite Theme:  prince et princesse
beautiful playmobils in your site!!!

luke  - 19-04-2007 21:21:16
Location/Country:  canada
Favorite Theme:  victorian era
your sight is awsom i got hooked on playmobile when i was 3 and still love it 12 years latter! keep it comeing!!

Pam Elliott  - 15-04-2007 15:26:44
Location/Country:  Connecticut, USA
Favorite Theme:  Kevin Smith as Ares
I am still at a loss for words for the loss of this fine man had become and the actor was.

Tyler  - 03-04-2007 02:49:51
Location/Country:  U.S.
Favorite Theme:  Knights
I was interested in trading for things.

Wölki, Klaus-Dieter  - 11-03-2007 06:59:55
Location/Country:  Germany
Favorite Theme:  all
Hallo, is it cool, professionell, perfekt! Best greatest from K. Wölki Town Burdorf in the near from Hannover

Harvey  - 18-02-2007 01:33:39
Location/Country:  United States
Favorite Theme:  City Life
I love Playmobil so much! I love the City Life stuff(zoo,racing,specials,etc.)

Tempie D.  - 01-02-2007 02:23:52
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  Castle
PLAYMOBIL ROX SOX! I'm 12 (about to be 13) and my sister is 10, we have played with playmobil as long as I can remember. There's just something about those little guys that makes you addicted! Anyways, great site!

MOI  - 23-01-2007 18:44:50
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  Playmobil collections
Very good information, I want some information about keychains of playmobil, could you help me? thank you

Márcio Allebrandt  - 27-11-2006 20:50:42
Location/Country:  Esteio/RS/Brasil
Favorite Theme:  Knights and Romans
gostaria de saber mais sobre o desenvolvimento da linha castelo e roma

yannick  - 03-09-2006 15:38:50
Location/Country:  the netherlands
Favorite Theme:  city

coen  - 02-09-2006 17:59:14
Location/Country:  netherlands
Favorite Theme:  pirates
I played PM since my 4th, i'm 15 but I still want to collect somethings (espescially pirate ships)I have the viking ship,red pirates ship(special edition)the older version of the big pirate ship and the new big pirate ship which im very proud off.i like this site. i'm looking for a set called: schooner ship number:3055

Andrew Fenton  - 25-08-2006 13:08:07
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  All
I love Playmobil...I customize them all the time, By the way do you know what sets have guns

cristobal emmanuel  - 09-07-2006 16:24:05
Location/Country:  france haute normandie
Favorite Theme:  western, moyen âge et vicking
very beautiful site

offernandinhoon  - 01-07-2006 21:39:56
Location/Country:  Mexico City
Favorite Theme:  Victorian, Pirates, Knights & KEYCHAINS!!!!
Lovely site! I love it, with nice sections, and excellent links. It would be nice to meet to all the court :D See you guys!!!

Anita Boreham  - 27-06-2006 12:48:30
Location/Country:  England
Favorite Theme:  Dinosaurs
I love playmobil and I play it every day. I am currently planning a photo story which I will then make. I love the dinosaur set (even though I don't have it yet) and when I do get it, I will have such fun-just because it's the wonderful world of PLAYMOBIL!

susan  - 02-06-2006 10:32:55
Location/Country:  Hamburg
Hey very nice site and for all collecter: Did you hear something about the Sissi from Playmobil? It´s Nr. 6100 and there are only I think 8000 piece for sell and the money is for a good aim. The money go to the German Herzzentrum. Look at:

Krista Miller  - 27-03-2006 05:53:46
Location/Country:  U.S.A.
Favorite Theme:  Pirate
I had never seen the misformed figures before. I have one where the hand is misformed but it is not particularly interesting. I could e-mail you a picture if you like. I have also customized a couple figures. I am interested in trading. Wonderful website you have. Krista

Salley Shannon  - 13-03-2006 14:27:55
Location/Country:  Maryland, USA
Favorite Theme:  safari, playground
Newly addicted to Playmobil...feeling slightly mad. My family and friends think I've totally lost my wits! S

Jesús Pelayo  - 26-02-2006 22:42:19
Location/Country:  Jalisco/México
Favorite Theme:  Pirates
It is a beautiful site since it includes Playmobil people, however there are some problems to see the pictures (some are missing)

anouk  - 14-02-2006 08:01:53

Antonio  - 23-01-2006 17:19:05
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  knights western
Queria contactar coleccionadores portugueses para possiveis trocas e partilha de informação!

Chuck  - 28-12-2005 14:18:55
Location/Country:  USA - NC
Favorite Theme:  Knights, Magic, Pirates
I love playmobil!

Thom  - 28-12-2005 01:58:24
Favorite Theme:  Knights
I love your city! I would be willing to purchase or trade for 3409 city defence, 3487 water, well, and food, 3627 merry men feast 3628 hunting party. I am also looking for cups, plates, mugs, pails, kegs, or any type of tables and benches.

Udo  - 25-12-2005 09:56:39
Location/Country:  The Netherlands
Favorite Theme:  Victorian and Train
I really love this site, but English is not my mother lanuage so it is hard too read especially because you use a lettertype that is very difficult to read, but I really love how you put it all together.

nick  - 14-10-2005 21:03:46
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  Knights!
i think ordenberg is simply amazing! hurrah!

Diana Whitney  - 30-08-2005 15:28:26
Location/Country:  Washington State/USA
Favorite Theme:  Circus, Medieval, Magic, Victorian
I was thrilled to find this wonderful site! Amazed by the creativity of Countess Krystal's cards and stories! Wowed by talentd Tahra. Smitten by de customs and wit deWarrens! And "proud" to see my very own avatar in a simply perfect new ecard! You all are the very best. I tip my to Playkingdoms!

Erik  - 16-07-2005 20:27:53
Location/Country:  Sweden
Favorite Theme:  Circus
Hi there! I do really like this site. I am collecting the circus theme "Romani". If any knows things about it or sites where I can buy things from the circus theme, please mail me at Thank you!

Rozenn  - 27-05-2005 15:45:47
Location/Country:  FRANCE
Favorite Theme:  Victorian, medieval
Wonderful !!!! All my life !!!

Ana  - 23-04-2005 18:26:21
Location/Country:  U.S.A.
Favorite Theme:  Mostly Victorian, but also Magic, and many others.
Very creative site.

Giannis Demesoukas  - 05-04-2005 10:57:47
Location/Country:  Greece
Really good site

Fernando  - 11-03-2005 22:27:42
Location/Country:  Mexico
Favorite Theme:  Victorian, Pirates.

Margrete  - 06-03-2005 18:35:17
Location/Country:  Norway
Favorite Theme:  City Life!
I really liked your site! The medevial village was just beautiful. You should try to get hold of more pictures of collections like that. Any interested in mine? I would also very much like to trade, although I don't have anything on the list, I'm affraid

Claudia A. Magdaleno Ferreira  - 30-12-2004 00:02:59
Location/Country:  Brazil
Favorite Theme:  Christmas
Wonderful site !!! Congratulations !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR , FRIENDS !!!

Claudia A. Magdaleno Ferreira  - 04-12-2004 01:46:49
Location/Country:  Brazil
Favorite Theme:  All
Congratulations!!!Happy Birthday for your site !!! I love it !!!

Geert Kamminga  - 08-11-2004 11:59:29
Location/Country:  Uithuizen The Netherlands
Favorite Theme:  citylife
Great site you have. beautifull picture's and a source of new idea's for new creations. keep up the good works.

Rüdiger Stork  - 01-11-2004 23:03:41
Location/Country:  Germany
Favorite Theme:  Playmobil like a bie
komplettes Playmobilsortiment

Andy  - 25-10-2004 11:01:40
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  Vikings(em puto,espaço e western):)
uma duvida que tenho desde puto,n sei se me saberão rpnder,,kem fazia e faz a distribuiçao dos produtos play em Portugal?Já que nunca houve representação oficial.Cá chegavam produtos famobil,playmobil alemã,etc,,mas quem os importava ?Continem o bom trabalho.:)

Bomars  - 13-10-2004 23:02:41
Location/Country:  Netherlands
Favorite Theme:  Farm and Laura
The game Laura is very beautifull I played it with my daughter on a me version off windows. We also played teh game Hype this is mre for boy but the graphics are very cool. Can yu telle me how I can get a Laura because we bought the game without a box. Greetings Bo and Sofie.

Alexandros  - 10-10-2004 00:19:10
Location/Country:  Greece
Favorite Theme:  Knights / Castle / Magic
Keep the magic alive. You guys make me proud. This is what toys and games should be like.

Rui Fernandes  - 16-08-2004 18:41:46
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  Medieval and Western
Today i took a trip down memory lane with you guys!I´ve played with these toys so many times...

tab  - 19-07-2004 19:20:01
Location/Country:  england
Favorite Theme:  western and modern
nice site.

Nora  - 22-06-2004 00:08:19
Location/Country:  Croatia
Favorite Theme:  Zoo, Medieval
I absolutely LOVE Playmobil!!! It`s perfect, those little people & animals that make you want to live in their world...oh, my precious! *hugs her first Playmobil elephant*

heine  - 11-05-2004 17:53:52
Location/Country:  the netherlands
Favorite Theme:  viking
sorrry i'm ten years old

heine  - 11-05-2004 17:52:13
Location/Country:  the netherlands
Favorite Theme:  viking
this site rules i love playmobil i have the viking boat and the viking castle and the viking super set. i'm not good in english but we learned on skool and i'm seven years old bye

colliau  - 08-05-2004 15:09:54
Location/Country:  FRANCE

António  - 08-04-2004 15:55:03
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  Knights, Western, Pirates
Excelente concepção!! e umagrande supresa ser um site português! continuem!

hilary  - 04-04-2004 18:25:43
Location/Country:  near Reading, UK
Favorite Theme:  no favourite theme, love mixing themes
greetings to you wonderful folk behind this site. i've been smitten with the playmobil bug for about 6 months and now i find i am not alone. my kids think i have gone mad. love your photos. will send you some of mine when i get a camera. please do write.

Robin Skahood  - 03-04-2004 22:24:30
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  cavaleiros e piratas / knights and pirates
Oi! gostaria que alguém que tivesse playmobis para vender mesmo que só algumas peças entrasse em contacto comigo. Obrigado. / Hello! I would like that anyone that have playmobis or pieces to sell, please contact me. Thank you.

rick  - 08-03-2004 14:02:22
Location/Country:  holland
can anyone tell me another playmobil site, for buy playmobil?

matthijs  - 08-03-2004 13:59:03
Location/Country:  holland
Favorite Theme:  castles
i want a castle,nr.3666 the biggest castle from playmobil

CRAIG QUILLIAM (EDWINMODES)  - 20-02-2004 15:10:32
Location/Country:  LONDON
Favorite Theme:  WESTERN
Good site keep up the good work

gertjan  - 04-02-2004 23:13:27
Location/Country:  holland
Favorite Theme:  knights
i've been collecting since 1974, but have been unable to find a site, specially for playmobil

Arielle  - 29-01-2004 03:47:40
Location/Country:  Arizona, USA
Favorite Theme:  Victorian
Hello! I simply must know where the poofy white and blue dress came from, please share! Also, have you ever had the luck to get your hands on a Vedes exclusive set? I enjoyed your site very much. Please write back. Thank you, Arielle

José Francisco Aguilera Mendoza  - 22-01-2004 21:02:04
Location/Country:  Beautiful Mexico City, México
Favorite Theme:  Medieval
only i wanted to let you know that i liked your website. At the same time i wanted to say congraulations for all the people who created this beautifull mock-ups!! And I want to know about new people around the world or for other countries!!

Hugo  - 17-01-2004 09:42:13
Location/Country:  Portugal
Favorite Theme:  Todos
E um bom site ainda por cima portugues :)

tricornioazul  - 25-12-2003 15:13:24
Location/Country:  madrid (spain)
Favorite Theme:  pirates
jorge, aqui tienes una pagina en español

Alahan Núñez  - 08-12-2003 03:12:14
Location/Country:  México
Favorite Theme:  All (except the modern space ones :P they look like Lego)
Great site!! Thanks fer let us enjoy it. Keep it up the good work.

jorge  - 22-10-2003 22:15:12
Location/Country:  spain
Favorite Theme:  all paymobil
me gustaria contactar con españoles q coleccionen playmobil.Y de paso saber si existe alguna pagina en español

José Alejandro Rosales  - 06-10-2003 08:24:44
Location/Country:  México
Favorite Theme:  Space, Medieval, City
This is a great page, im very impressed with the E-cards and the themes of course, i think are very funny, very unique!!

Gwenddydd  - 04-10-2003 08:43:02
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  Medieval & Fairy Tales/Magic & Victorian & Pirates &...
Very very cool! Creative, informative, and fun, and funky! Look forward to seeing it grow.

andré  - 21-09-2003 16:44:33
Location/Country:  portugal
Favorite Theme:  vikings.( em puto era o espaço e o western):9
mt fx.parabens a todos os criadores das figuras do museu.dao vida aos nossos sonhos:9o monge ta,,,5 estrelas.p mim é o grande site e idna p cima soldaddos da marinha real novos tao mm lindos n tao?fikem bem

Marc  - 09-09-2003 12:18:04
Location/Country:  Catalunya/Spain
Favorite Theme:  All themes
Congratulations for this funny page. It's very interesting.Spanish playmocollectors who want to

FELIPE  - 18-07-2003 22:04:07
Location/Country:  españa
Favorite Theme:  busco fans de españa

felipe  - 18-07-2003 22:00:24
Location/Country:  españa

louis  - 15-06-2003 20:46:22
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  Pirates
Does anybody know another e-mail address of Playmobil-Spain?

Evan O'Connor  - 09-06-2003 20:22:09
Location/Country:  suffield CT
Favorite Theme:  KNIGHTS

Marcelle  - 24-05-2003 06:17:39
Location/Country:  BRAZIL- RIO DE JANEIRO
Favorite Theme:  Gosto de todos os temas!
Muito legal essa página. Eu adoro os bonequinhos do Playmobil, já brinquei muito com eles quando pequena e até hoje ainda os tenho guardado!

Marcelle  - 24-05-2003 06:17:10
Location/Country:  BRAZIL- RIO DE JANEIRO
Favorite Theme:  Gosto de todos os tema!
Muito legal essa página. Eu adoro os bonequinhos do Playmobil, já brinquei muito com eles quando pequena e até hoje ainda os tenho guardado!

George Mavraganis  - 21-05-2003 13:16:30
Location/Country:  England
Favorite Theme:  Medieveal
I have been collecting playmobils for 25 years and i now have about 2500 klickies. Mainly medieval, western and pirates. Your website is absolutely fantastic and congagulations !!!!!!!!!!!! A ever lasting playmo fan

playmobilian  - 15-04-2003 05:29:22
Location/Country:  canada
Favorite Theme:  ALL!!
I'm wonder if the shower gel still available?! it's sosososoosos cool!!! GREAT COLLECTION U HAVE!

Nathalie MENARD and Kids  - 01-04-2003 18:28:30
Location/Country:  Canet en Rousillon / FRANCE
Félicitations ! Your website is wonderful and very interesting. I've learned a lot about playmobils ... my new hobby/passion ! I'll come back soon, your site is now in my recorded favorite sites !! Congratulation to the photographs !

pedro  - 10-03-2003 15:28:00
Location/Country:  madrid - spain
Favorite Theme:  museum
I see the page and its very interesting. I´m a playmobil collector too (modest)and I have lots of famobil (spanish playmobil stuff... Its amazing see that the people is equal than you.Im obssesed too! congratulations for this webpage.

Holly  - 19-02-2003 11:53:00
Location/Country:  canada
neat site

Ken  - 11-02-2003 14:10:00

Martybuild  - 08-02-2003 21:57:00
Location/Country:  USA Texas
Favorite Theme:  Pirates and Castle
I am looking for the very old accessories for the old castle figures --- like the yoke for carrying water.

dean broessler  - 22-12-2002 02:45:00
Favorite Theme:  pirates, Knights

Claudia a.Magdaleno Ferreira  - 08-12-2002 22:23:00
Location/Country:  Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
Favorite Theme:  all,I love Playmobil
Fantastical,Special ,Wonderful !!!I love Playmocards !!!Congratulations !!! Your Site is Extraordinary !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all People of the World !!!

Mobopilly Family  - 22-11-2002 17:29:00
Location/Country:  the netherlands
Favorite Theme:  victorian dollhouse
What a beautifull and complet site you made. Do visit the weblog of my Victorian Dollhouse inhabitants Billy, Tilly, Milly en Billy!!! Love to come back here often!! Marja

felipe  - 15-11-2002 22:47:00
Location/Country:  spain
Favorite Theme:  playmobil
www of spanish fans of playmobil? thank.

Sven van der Hart  - 17-09-2002 19:55:00
Location/Country:  Denmark
Favorite Theme:  Vikings
Hi there! Cool site! I was just browsing for more playmobil lovers in the world. Since they brought out the Vikings, I am totally hooked to that world. Even made a film with the Vikings starring. If you like Playmobil, you're gonna love this!

Mauricio Cortes Rosso  - 26-08-2002 03:51:00
Location/Country:  Santiago.Chile.
Favorite Theme:  pirates, knight.
This is a wonderful site, congratulations.

Dawn & Matthew Mashon, Jr. (Matt/Wisc)  - 10-08-2002 17:38:00
Location/Country:  United States ..... Wisconsin
Favorite Theme:  We enjoy the Victorian Doll House & Circus themes.
My wife and I were introduced to Playmobil about two years ago. While on vacation we stopped at a toy store; that's where we saw our first Playmobil. For my wife it was love a first sight; the Victorian Doll House was coming home with her. At a later date I started to collect items for the Circus theme.

Nick Foulger  - 21-07-2002 01:29:00
Location/Country:  UK
Favorite Theme:  All historical themes
A very interesting site! The changes in design on the new girl with the garden chair (3234) seem particularly suited to introducing Roman legionaries!

Michael Mursanow  - 25-06-2002 09:49:00
Location/Country:  Mainz/ Germany
Favorite Theme:  Middleages
Hi Tahra, Your review on the Wolf Clan set is stricingly awesome. You really have a good hand for that. Greetings Mursiman

Robbie  - 18-06-2002 05:02:00
Location/Country:  USA
Favorite Theme:  Leisure
Does anyone know where I can get older Specials? I am trying to collect every one of the Specials. -Robbie

Carlos Anderson  - 16-06-2002 21:48:00
Location/Country:  Fortaleza /Ceara/ Brasil
Favorite Theme:  Circo/ Resgate/Caping
Gostaria de informações de como adquirir peças para completar minha coleção.

gérard mikhael  - 19-05-2002 21:01:00
i love the playmobil !!!!!!!!!!!

Panos aka Playmoboy aka TchN0013  - 09-03-2002 14:03:00
Location/Country:  San Francisco, CA U.S.A.
Favorite Theme:  Midieval
Hello Tahra =) Just wanted to come by and leave my mark. Great job on the site!!! Its great =) See you on playmoboard =P

Sir Marcus Boo  - 03-02-2002 04:56:00
Location/Country:  Indiana, USA
Favorite Theme:  Medieval - Castle
Great Site! Thanks for all the time you spent to create such a great resource. Look forward to sharing with many friends. --Sir Hood ~(:{> (Boos' Dad)

Alberto  - 17-12-2001 04:08:00
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  Playmobil
Me gustaría felicitaros por esta magnífica página que habeis creado. Yo no se mucho de ordenadores, y menos aún de Inglés.Por eso, me gustaría que si alguien conoce alguna web en español, o quiera "hablar" de Playmobil en castellano, mi direccion es

Keke  - 17-12-2001 03:56:00
Location/Country:  Spain
Favorite Theme:  All of Playmobil
This is a very good site for all of friends of Playmobil. A question: do you know how can I contact with Playmobil Portugal? I had a problem with a set of eggs in Portugal and I don't know where I can ask them. Thanks.

Robbie  - 14-12-2001 03:39:00
Location/Country:  United States
Favorite Theme:  all of them(especially discontinued stuff)
Hey. This is a wonderful site. Does anyone know where I can get discontinued Playmobil? I am really interested in all of the themes. Especially vehicles like 3148-camper,etc. Good-Bye Robbie

Claudia A Magdaleno Ferreira  - 09-12-2001 21:05:00
Location/Country:  Brazil
Favorite Theme:  Playmobil
Congratulations ! PlayKingdoms is a Wonderful site !!! Claudia

playmoliver  - 05-12-2001 18:04:00
Location/Country:  Freiburg, Germany
Favorite Theme:  Playmobil - what so say more ;-) ?
It's so good to see your site alive and kicking! I very much liked your old site, but this new one is even much better. Thumps up and keep going! Hey, I've got some eggs left to swop - anybody interested? I hope you don't mind to add a link to your site in my fan-universe on reg*s from the

Fernanda  - 04-12-2001 11:46:00
Location/Country:  Brazil
Favorite Theme:  medieval, pirates, western (all of them)
Great site! As Richard said, it's easy to navigate and quite complete. Keep up!

Richard  - 04-12-2001 00:02:00
Location/Country:  TEXAS
Favorite Theme:  Victorian, Medieval & Pirates
Well worth the looong wait! Impressive and easy to navigate. Three BIG cheers! If you haven't already figured it out - I really like your new site, "Tahra." As you may have also noticed, I didn't use my FULL name ... ;o) I guess this means I'll have to get busy now on my site ...

Julie  - 03-12-2001 23:53:00
Location/Country:  England
Favorite Theme:  medieval stuff - king's court and viewing stand for the jousts stand out
A great new look to the site - good to see it is still thriving and growing. Keep up the good work ;)

Bart De Smet  - 23-02-2001 13:46:00
Location/Country:  Belgium
Favorite Theme:  The victorian and jungle themes
Playkingdoms is a great country to live in. Is that a picture of you, up left on the Playkingdoms shield? Goodluck with playkingdoms and go for it! Bart

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