70585 Surprise Box


1. Dancing Queen

The original idea couldn't happen. No dark tan naked legs in the popboxes ... So, on hold. But the hat was a great match, so decided to do a friend for the kept in series 9 , using the torso from that series.

And here they are together:

2. DJane

Did my best to do something with her... and the bag strap manages to hide the necklace...

The guy, as I was finishing him, thought the odd golden cap was a good match too... (almost used the torso with the gold chain, but thought it would be a bit much.. and there is already a klicky like that).

3. Mrs. Stardust

This was immediately decided as soon as the star came out of the bag .. Had a bit of a hard time finding a light blue klicky, but there.

Then tried to use the beautiful original torso too - and it matches those arms (I may clean them).

4. Piano Lady

Original - though it's somewhat a waste to keep the legs under the big skirt, the truth is they are not really easy to reuse (and also, these new speedo long skirts didn't really grow on me. Yet? )

5. Kimby

Once again using parts from both sisters... a wrestler?

6. Karmela

Like Kimby, using parts from both, for a modern purplish woman.

7. Lady Nightmare

Original. The skirt sculpt is not a favorite, so it remained like that.

8. Mrs. Spotlight

A modern klicky... basically adding a skirt... and a new head, because..

The stupid part? I popped several before her (well, yanked, but it doesn't matter) with no issues. Picked her up - uhm... can't break this head. And I did. I don't think this happened to me since I broke Ahsoka's head-to-be, in another case of "I can't break it" - but then I did have a couple more, because intending to paint it, I bought 3 or 4... Oh, I also popped a few more AFTER her, with no issues.

I'm sure the head will appear again. Right?

9. Ms. S. Tyler

Just a different haircolor.

10. Mrs. Flower Power

After looking at her properly, not arabian material, so, a hippie.. with different hair (and a bracelet!)

11. Sir Talk-a-lot

Original (minus watch).

12. Popstar

Since the legs with ballet shoes would be wasted under the skirt, they were replaced (she has high heels - they look GREAT under big skirts ). Also, different hair color (same sculpt)... not only it was a bit much for her, it's a LOT more useful for actual core themes - like mermaids

Queen Tahra, February 2021

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