70585 Surprise Box

(part 2/3)

5. Kimby

Again, interesting hair colors, but these time no angry brows (that was odd).

As always with these, she favors strong colors - also for the violin .

6. Karmela

Same as Kimby (as usual) - nice hair color, and no more angry brows. As in the previous series, the accessories are about the same as Kimby...

7. Lady Nightmare

She makes a really beautiful lady . The silvery hair is also lovely.

And then there is this, some sort of award - I find it awesome! For SOME reason

8. Mrs. Spotlight

With the lack of animals in the series, I believe this hair is a highlight .. It will look AWESOME on a merman!

I believe the head may be unique at this point too? Unfortunately (read on ).

Queen Tahra, February 2021

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