Gobber himself is gorgeous! The parts being all in pretty colors helps a lot, I suppose.

The head has a new set of eyebrows, very light blonde.. The long mustache is amazing, the hair... not so much (though I think it is a good option for Gobber). The problem here is that the color matches.. nothing. At least no hair that I have in my possession (and that's sayin' a lot!).

Apparently the hair was different at first - this is a snapshot from playmobil's amazing video:

A shame that wasn't the final version - variety is good, but I much prefer the classic hair for reuse...

Note the copyright on the back:

Gobber's half arm can be fitted with the mace or a double axe...

Given that he is a peg legged fat dwarf with one and a half arm, it is not very easy to reuse the klicky parts - well, not in numbers , (pretty brown fur jacket excepted!)

Oddly, the torso is "dirty"... and that makes it harder to reuse - I mean, not harder, but it will need cleaning most of the time (besides the text in the back), so an extra hassle. And unlike that text, the "dirt" in front is dangerously close to that beautiful print .. so a delicate job.

The viking helmet is new (variety is good!), with some specks:

However, as the pics above attest, there is some flaw in it. It doesn't really fit. I tried it on another klicky with the same result (see as it doesn't come all the way down?). I don't know if I got a dud or if it is poor design. If the latter, this is quite serious.

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Queen Tahra, August 2017

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