This one is amazing! Astrid is gorgeous, and I love Stormfly's colors and look.

Note the box was taped, not glued. Odd, isn't it?

Unfortunately, this is yet ANOTHER empty box

And everything:

The saddle is pretty in brown (great sculpt too, and different "pouches" on each side!). The straps are made of a rubbery material - but they're brown.

I kinda feared it would be hard to put the saddle on and off, but no - easy peasy! AND looks awesome!

Unfortunately, at least in my case, she doesn't really stay on the saddle.. Here's one of my several attempts at taking a pic - it takes a couple of secs for her to pop off the saddle:

Eventually, I managed

Total awesomeness. And Stormfly is sooooo pretty!

Standing seems to work better...

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Queen Tahra, August 2017

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