Yay! The return of the polar theme!

Box sides:

The box is huge. And empty (yes, I will go on complaining about this )

As I started to assemble it, I hit a snag.. the screen "supports" don't fit too well.. and not all the way as in the box.. See as they are snuggly all the way in?

In reality, doesn't really work. And I "shaved" the part, so it could at least rotate:

But it does look a LOT worse than the box pic, doesn't it? I'm of a mind to cut a bit of those pieces so they fit as expected.

Here's everything:

I believe that axe is new, but I am not sure, as we've been mostly away from the firefighters recently.

The ice picks are the same, so I left them bagged, since I don't know if we will need more (doubtful).

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Queen Tahra, January 2017

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