(part 1/3)

1. Witch Doctor

This one is probably one of the most beautiful of the series...

The klicky has... glasses. And THAT hair...

I hadn't realized that he had the coveted yellow thingy on the mask! (NOT gonna happen, but my future green soldiers will be excited!)

The mask is strange - I was somehow expecting a headband sort of thing, not a closed "hat".

2. Headless Horseman

This name is highly incorrect - should be Horseless Horseman..

The guy DOES have a head - an odd one, blank on one side, but still a head.

The pumpkin is a hat. A common hat. Seeing the split in the middle, I thought one half would go before the head, but no, just a regular hat. A really strange one

3. The Caretaker

This is a really odd one... I mean, a perfect cowboy, but the beard... But it's supposed to be a fake beard (according to people who actually know the character ), so, spot on.

The beard looks weird if the guy moves... a shame.

Fake beard detail:

4. The Creeper

I think this is the weakest one... I really like the eyes, but the mouth is very ugly, imo.

On the other side, there is a normal head peeking...

Queen Tahra, May 2020

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