There was never a doubt about getting this set. The Black Dread (same sculpt as this one) is my all time favorite playmodragon.

Note the tape on the sides - there was no glue! I am not sure this wasn't a mistake, but it was awesome.

The hole on the poor dragon's face is terrible.

And the one to make the poor beasty dizzy:

Box is empty. You can probably fit three in there. This is ridiculous.

I had a REAL hard time assembling the wings. To actually attach them to the body I had to remove the wings themselves from the "bones", and attach those. And still had a real hard time. I think maybe it will be easier to attach the little connectors to the body (with pliers!) and then the "wing bones" to the connectors. But I followed the instructions, and by the time I realized I wasn't able to put the wings on the body, I couldn't pull those connectors from the "bones" (which I had a real hard time putting in place too, btw)

Did you see the ghost Alex? That is a reflection from the box - the main characters are (again) outlined, in silver this time...

Anyways, as we know, that dragon is majestic:

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Queen Tahra, March 2017

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