... and Agent Houston (according to playmobil's sites - since there isn't a proper dvd edition and I didn't see these guys in action - yes, I will complain about this all the time).

There was a moment of doubt about getting the (so I thought) big monkey, since some pics gave me the impression there was some "climbing action" involved, but as soon as that was dispelled, he was on the buy list!

He looks big in the front of the box, doesn't he?

I suppose the back shows a better relation - though on different levels.. coincidence? I think not.

And, as usual, the odd pic with all the arrows (all those holes are dreadful):

This box is the same size as the Aliens'.. but they look dreadful together.

Who designed these!? If I still had the space to display the boxes, this would drive me nuts!

The first impression of this set... well, never occurred to me to try to get a klicky to hold a double banana bunch. The concept itself is just silly. Banana bunches (as in a single one) can be held, from the top, right? Holding two like that..

I don't even know what to say. The set would be much better without the bananas.

Then.. we peek in the box.

ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?! I know some sets fit easily twice (or thrice!) in the box... But this one... I wish I had ten Gonks to try. Seriously, this is waaaaaaaaay beyond ridiculous.

Who finds this acceptable?

Worse, I believe the box shows Gonk way bigger than reality. See how tiny he is, compared to what the front of the box shows.

Compare with Agent Houston:

They have the same hair (Houston's looks plain weird from the top!)

From the tagline I saw, they are not supposed to be the same character.. but from the hair, that looks like a strong possibility!

Ok, now that we got the matter of size (or lack of it) out of the way...

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Queen Tahra, March 2017

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