This is another set that was on the buy list from the start. Even considered buying two, but then.. well... didn't. I still have no idea what these "aliens" are supposed to be, but they're kinda cute. Plus, the cage and gong looked great too! AND a new baby dino

See the aliens on the back?

As mentioned before - this box is the same size as Gonk's.. but they look awful together. Gah.

This box is also emptyish:


And here are the aliens with the baby dino:

The baby dino is new - different print:

(that's him on the left)

And his eyes... oh his eyes!!

The new eye print makes a huge difference! AWESOME.

From the back of the box, Alien (as the Super 4 Alien) was supposed to be included - the little guy on the right, with that odd bluegreen color and lighter blue around the eyes..


Original alien on the left... See? Confusing.

Well.. the more the merrier, right?

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Queen Tahra, March 2017

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