9443 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Van Helsing

AWESOME. I never watched the movies, but... I really like the figure! And there's a birdie

The jacket has a print on the back.

A black armored arm is also very nice. And the torso is pretty...

The fancy bow looks great (a new part on a common crossbow - an odd bayonet like thing):

10. Knight

A very colorful knight, but quite different from any others - a welcome addition.

He has that too large sword, which is a shame.. I prefer the smaller simpler ones.. much more useful too.

Though I am not fond of the leg sculpt, any knight legs in white are not common (at least not around here), so a nice addition.

Also, the helmet in white is quite unique, and unprinted it makes for great variety for statues and such.

11. Naval Soldier

I thought there was nothing unusual about him, until someone showed me his torso!

Kinda odd that he has the older rifle, I think.

BY THE GODS. That is a GORGEOUS torso! And that is how a unremarkeable figure became a must keep!

I really like the boots' print too.

12. Welder

Pretty klicky, THAT hair excepted .

Another "simple" idea, making a completely new klicky... and an original figure

His arms are gorgeous (by now everyone must know about me and browns), but they have a pocket, making them not fit for ancient (unless cleaned).. Besides, the torso is gorgeous as is!

I suppose that is a new color for those legs too, but I am not sure.

Love the mask print! Though the printing is not as sharp as it should be...

And, I actually saw that mask , the print - I mean a real-life-version - on Lidl:

Queen Tahra, August 2018

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