Some people tend to offer their opinion, wether wanted or not...

Make sure you put enough food!! Eggs will hatch soon, and we shall have little ones..

However, with some practice, it is easy to ignore things that could potentially annoy you.

The commander is right here...

So? The commander is of same mind. He has given bread for them, many times since we arrived.

Does the Imperator know your men feed the birds from stores?

I know not. Does the Imperator know your men pulled bars from warehouse window, so cats can remove themselves from the cold? That is besides feeding them, of course.

Uhm. The Imperator probably has better things to do.

And so an unspoken agreement has been met.

Crassus will leave some of his own personal bodyguard here at the fort...

The men are of different minds on such duty.

Those of us who remain here shall be charged with keeping the girl safe... or else.

I wish I had been selected for such hard duty. She is not hard to look upon... In truth, I would not mind to.... and with the Imperator gone...

Shush! Are you absent reason!? It would be your life. If the Gods smiled upon you! I caught her alone last week, and... well.. I was attempting to use endless charm - what?! stop smirking! Like you can do anything with women! - use charm on her... she showed me her arm... blood ran cold when eyes met mark on wrist, I tell you. The Imperator is very possessive of her. And I heard she is loyal to him... You make attempt, he will know. Not worth it, believe me!

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Queen Tahra, September 2020

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