70566 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Policewoman

Another policewoman. Nothing new here. Like the male firefighter, it's not they're bad figures... they're just so... common.

However, at least as far as I could tell, there were no black whistles around here!

2. Pregnant Hula Woman

Another pregnant woman - great! With. The. Same. Torso. Uhm? There are.. 8 pregnant women? And we get the same torso? Really?

Also the same FRACKING leg sculpt. AGAIN. Can we please stop having this leg mold on almost every pregnant woman? Pretty please?

I don't like the hair either. Personal preference, I suppose.

Anyway.... The biggest issue here is... what in Tartarus is happening with that audiobook?! Seriously. WHAT?

The book is new in this color, I think...

3. Gymnast

She's a pretty klicky. I believe the torso exists, with the same print in different colors.

The arms are gorgeous. Wait. They're female speedo arms. Which means they can only be used in speedo females. And with the left, right... can't even make a proper pair. I will never, EVER get over this mess. Especially whenever I see beautiful arms.

The head is new, and ... interesting. I think there is potential there!

4. City Woman

Not sure what's she supposed to be.. But... the torso is gorgeous , and so is the jacket+arms (same color as the fisherman).

Ah, and the bracers - beautiful as well. The legs are not a favorite sculpt, but also nice colors.

Lots of potential there. Needless to say these parts are really not "city woman" material, right?

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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