70566 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Zoo Worker

Well, she is asian this time. There are a gazillion of those klickys though...

I think she could have been updated to the current zoo uniform.

6. Violinist

A highlight on the girls - beautiful colors. A shame she is a speedo, since the possibilities are very limited compared with normal ones.

The neckpiece is the best part of a great figure, I think. Beautiful sculpt, beautiful color, beautiful print.

But.. what's with the hair!? The one on the leaflet is the "fancy lady no hat" variety.. The actual klicky has a "Sheba" hair Not happy news. Also... why?! We COULD hunt the figure for that gorgeous hair.

7. Wizard

She is a pretty klicky... Those hats are always very welcome... and that wand in brown is AMAZING - the book is nice too

She is a REALLY close relative to Princess Leonora, from Super 4. That is a shame.

8. Pirate

She's a nice klicky, made better by the hair + head options, making her stand out.

A shame that the torso is extremely popular... and the peg is challenging, at least for me.

The pistol in brown is great, for some reason...

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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