Updated... Years after the movie, finally managed to sort these (series 2 to follow).

Since there were no repeat characters in this series, most were left original...

2. Del - Original

3. Rex Dasher - Original, minus watch.

4. Charlie - Original

5. Marla - Original

8. Robotitron - Original

6. Sheriff - Original

9. Hillbilly - Original

11. Bloodbones - Original

12. Valera - Original

Now, these others were all sort of army building material, right?

1. Yellow Viking - one original, and friends

The romans were the hardest to sort.

7. Centurion - I wanted to depict the commander of the movie... so I added the eyebrows on the existing scarred head (from Novelmore, these were done YEARS after the movie came out )
And (obviously) some men for him, using some weapons bought in a big bunch, painted.

10. Spytown Guard - well, since there is no guard matching that one, the original changed hair (duh), and tried to come close to some of the existing ones (the 007 "bald" hair gave me the possibility for that one, finally - added the eyebrows, since the old heads without beard notch have no print)

Queen Tahra, October 2022

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