9444 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Ninja

Quite original - and the colors work really well.

She is (as usual with ninjas!) extra well armed

Also, great parts - those legs with ballerina shoes are great! Besides, black speedo parts are quite rare, imo.

10. Roman Lady

A beautiful roman klicky... Definetely a highlight in the series!

A shame about the gold sandals - who WORE gold sandals?! Still, since I don't think we had them, all good!

The torso print is really gorgeous. A shame the back isn't printed too, though we know to expect that.

And an example of printing mess... Unfortunately not a rare event.

11. Vendor

A nice original vendor - after Adrian... I mean 3307 ..

Nice selection of items too

Stickers came folded (and therefore all are slightly damaged) with the booklet - yes, you guessed it - bound with yet another rubber band.

It is a bit hard to manage the tray, the items for sale, and the klicky's arms... But I don't really think there could be a way around that.

The klicky is pretty, with a torso that seems made for a hood..

Decided against using the sticker on the tray thing - it is not beautiful, and figured it would be easier to reuse in other themes without the sticker.

Unfortunately, that tray doesn't really fit her.. or a man..

Apparently it was made for fat guys... So, something to fix.

Of course, maybe it was done like this so EVERYONE can use it - that could also be it. Around here, since there aren't that many trays, I'll get a fat guy for it...

12. Ice Skater

She is beautiful. The colors are wonderful (and kinda cold too!). The teddy bear is a nice touch.

A shame the blades are molded on the feet, stopping her from getting off the ring

The torso is also pretty with a gorgeous print that matches the skirt. The blue bracers are great.

Queen Tahra, August 2018

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