9444 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Cavewoman

She is GORGEOUS, except for the white shoes, that look really off. Still, always welcome, considering how bad that gender ratio is!

The female torso with print is unique, I believe... Very good - variety badly needed!

The "bone parts" were bagged and with a rubber band.

I couldn't manage to put the axe head in the handle properly. I remember I had difficulties before, this time, I just couldn't.

She has "male" arms (you know, as in not curved)... odd. Good. I wish they'd give up that left/right arm thing - adds basically nothing, and sometimes it's a mess.

The hair thing is new, as is the bracer in whiteish (I think).

6. Dentist

A nice original klicky, though not exactly rare.

The glasses and the gloves are brilliant details... the watch, not so sure. I think those gloves may have some potential...

The torso print is also nice.

7. Bat Woman

What in Hades is THAT supposed to be?! Seriously, this one defies reason.

Good parts, I think. A bat hat in dark... and nice wings... and a little bat, and that purple neckpiece.. all welcome.

And note the print detail on the gloves - very pretty (though I am not overly fond of those lonnnng gloves).

A real shame about those darned heels. These are a curse.

The wings also came bagged and with a rubber band.

8. Rider

Another horseless rider. I believe she is the weakest from the series.

Nice hat color, and I like the boots too..

The torso has been used I don't know how many times, and I don't think it works that well for a rider anyway...

Still, kinda pointless without a horse, no?

Queen Tahra, August 2018

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