70148 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Opera Man

A very unusual klicky, strangely beautiful. In a fancy sort of way...

The walking stick is brown = win, and the opera glasses are not that common, I believe - at least not around here.

Amazingly, the colors work His torso + legs are gorgeous, in light pink. Seems a shame to put a jacket over them, hiding them partially... but he's gorgeous as is.

The jacket seems fit for a king - very nice, with that print

The hair is new in this color - very welcome. It's one of those complicated greys - matching nothing, most likely... Luckily, this sort of hair is not really meant to go with a beard, right? So.. we're good!

6. Puppeteer

One of the highlights - a great original idea, brilliant execution.

The klicky is pretty (torso and legs looks familiar: playmoDB link), and the purplish rolled sleeves are very nice (I know there weren't any of those about recently).

The hat is gorgeous, though the color is... well.. challenging. Again.

Of course the puppet (or marionette?) is the true highlight here. It's rubbery (and I wonder, as always, if it will last 40 years), and works well, I think.

There are quite a few coins included..

7. Worker

Nothing really special about him, though he's a pretty klicky - and dark tan.

I like the pockets in the arms (and not usual in this color, though present in Series 19 Boys #11 Paramedic), and the hat is nice too.

He comes quite well equipped - with 4 different tools...

... bagged AND rubberbanded...

... for some reason

8. Roman Soldier

Another repeat klicky - purple bits excepted - not that I don't welcome more romans, gods know it's a core theme here, but.. can't they do a DIFFERENT one?

Those bits, the purple roman cloak, crest and belt are awesome. AND not common (the ones I have in the poptubs seem to be a different shade, at least)

Queen Tahra, September 2021

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