First, the mandatory disclaimer:
I've been told I am sometimes harsh on my comments. Keep in mind I LOVE playmobil. It is GREAT. Without a doubt and by FAR, the GREATEST toy on the Universe. And also keep in mind that I've gotten a box (or two) of each boys and girls since the first series - meaning, despite all the "problems" I point out, they are VERY MUCH WORTH IT. We ALL know playmobil rules, so I suppose I tend to point out the problems. There are only so many ways of saying AWESOME, right?

This looked like an uneven series from the first pics, with what seemed (and are) great original ideas , and some not original reissues .

The same idiotic instructions are present in the packs, now joined by the annoying post brexit text.

Leaflets are the same - all blueish with tiny pics...

No speedos or fat klickys in the boys, six speedos in the girls. And no diapers.

My elation at having a female knight in the girls (FINALLY) was somewhat dampened by the presence of a male firefighter among them. WHY?

The back of the leaflets is somewhat different - but still results in freaks.

Only the worker (Boys) included the dreaded rubberbands - his tools came bagged AND rubberbanded, for some reason... note that the tiny coins from the puppeteer did not.

Very few extras...

... including the mandatory frames.. But the heads are nice, and so is the hat and the dark bracelet!

One of the Gingerbread Seller was missing that holder thingie. Not good.


This time, most photos are the work of a fellow playmofriend - Lufty.

So you don't have to wonder if I just finally got the hang of it. I did not.

So, thank you, Lufty

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Queen Tahra, September 2021

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