70149 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Shopper

A pretty klicky, with a wonderful red hair (new in this color) - the hair is one of this series' highlights! I suppose it will be used on a more... core.. klicky

The legs are very pretty too.

The bag is printed only on one side..

The hat and skirt are new colors - the hat is particularly gorgeous (greys are right after browns, remember? - some not very defined plans exist)

6. Día De Los Muertos

Like her male counterpart, she is beautiful, though not sure what FOR...

The skirt in black has a lot of potential. Of course the skull renders it uncleanable

The torso is also interesting, and the legs are beautiful too.

The head is gorgeous - different from his... And like his, a painted head - flesh colored (tan), I mean.

I think the handkerchief may be new in red... The neckpiece has a gorgeous new print. Unfortunately, the print is far from perfect, as can be seen on the pic... nothing a black permanent marker doesn't sort (though this should really not be needed for a new set).

This is clearly the cats favorite figure. Ever? You cannot argue with tassels (just ask Salem Saberhagen )

7. Gingerbread Seller

A nice looking klicky - a variation of a theme apparently dear to whoever thinks of the figures.

The big skirt is very pretty.

The lady looks like a common repeat, but looking closer... the caveman arms in white are not common...

... and under that large skirt she has an egyptian skirt in black - new in that color, I believe.

The holder and the bracer are new additions from the last figure with those tasty hearts - I wonder if those are accurate.

8. Firefighter

A man. A common one. WHY?

There ARE female firefighters. Actually, there have been several in the series.

Queen Tahra, September 2021

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