70149 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Fairy

A repeat. From series 6 (5459). At least the colors could be different.

It's so.... lazy.. to just use the same figure...

10. Mermaid

A beautiful mermaid. With a really nice hair.

A shame she is pink, yet AGAIN. Like 98% of them? Still.. merpeople = win. And the light pink tail is gorgeous

Oddly, the mertail came unassembled in the packs...

11. Knight

(I mean originally, because there is no lack of female knights around here, of course!)

The flagpole in red is a bit odd. And it's the stupid soft variety, quite hard to work with. I'll say again: if someone manages to do damage to themselves with a playmoflagpole (or pike, or whatever).. LET THEM. Natural selection. Darwin Award. Evolution.

The klicky is wonderful, and the colors are very nice. I don't like the leg sculpt much (as everyone who ever read these reviews knows by now ) or the helmet, but she looks great.

A real shame the flag is only printed on one side. That is VERY lame.

12. Duck Feeder

A repeat klicky. Not that she is not pretty... and the hair is really nice in that color... and there IS a duck.

Queen Tahra, September 2021

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